Industry – solutions for every field.

Every industrial sector presents different challenges, from large area illumination at freight terminals to hazardous environmental situations at offshore oil rigs. Because of its advanced modular design, high quality standards and adaptability the Styria series can cover every ground. This is why our customers and partners pick our modular design solutions over conventional products, because they have proven to be reliable under many circumstances.

LED – for a bright future.

Our core design builds around a central component: High-Power LED-Chips. This allows us to build unique, durable and highly efficient solutions that benefit from the latest developments. Instead of implementing powerfull LED-Chips in existing luminaire systems we design our products from the ground up to use the full potential of LED-Technology. Our products use optical lenses to direct the light on target surfaces, which in turn helps to further reduce the power to achieve requested results.

Design – built to last.

All our products are from the ground up designed to withstand the most hazardous conditions. They share the same base design, which leads to all of them achieving an international protection marking of IP67 in accordance to IEC standard 60529 and an IK rating of IK08 according to the IEC standard 62262 (2002). For special applications that demand the highest safety requirements, we offer a variety of ATEX certified products.


Lightbase is commited to support their customers and partners on every step of the way. From the selection of the right luminaire to the full integration of the solution into each individual project with CAD. We know how much effort goes into planning and managing projects that apply advanced technology solutions. This is why we offer full project support for all our customers.

With thousands of completed installations our team of technical planners has the experience to handle a wide variety of requests. Every project is different, this is why experience with the product and the application area matters. We have a strong focus on communication with our clients to make sure no possibility for improvement stays untouched. From airport aprons, storage facilities to oil rigs: We guarantee the best lighting solution for your project.

Adjusting to new markets in the technological field can be a challenge. Many of our customers make first contact with advanced LED-Solutions through us and get the opportunity to explore new possiblities in the lighting field. Thats why we provide training seminars for all our partners to make sure every member of their team understands the full potential and the technical background of the product.

Our Clients

Direct, personal contact to our clients has always been an important part of our buisness relationships. Building trust and maintaining clear communication is a key point when working with new clients. We are happy to count a wide variety of small local companies to multinational corporations among our clients.

We are constantly looking for new ways to strengthen our relationships with companies around the world. Our existing partners enjoy our full support in every matter and we are highly commited to every single one of them. Our partners operate in many areas, from highly specialized service companies in the offshore field to general distribution over entire countries.

About us

When Isamu Akasaki, Hiroshi Amano and Shuji Nakamura learned to master galium nitride in 1991 and therefore received the Nobel Prize for Physics in 2014, the precondition to build blue LEDs was set and the cornerstone of efficient light utilization was laid. This development has enabled the construction of bright and energy-saving white LEDs. Lightbase has focused its research entirely on the use of the latest LED technology and selected the most effective parts for this purpose . The result of the development work is the existing product portfolio. Our highest priority is to combine efficiency with sustainability, while maintaining our lead in the field of LED solutions.

Our History

  • 2018 Development of special tunnel infrastrucutre solutions
    2018 Completion of critical fuel tank infrastructure project in international airports

  • 2017 Refitting of all BMW production plants in Germany
    2017 Est. of Lightbase Turkey
  • 2016 Apron floodlighting tender awarded for the largest airport in construction: Istanbul Grand Airport
    2016 Special solutions developed for food production and agricultural applications
  • 2015 Security glass cover based on the modular system design available for large area and airport illumination
  • 2013 Est. Lightbase GmbH Headquarter for International Sales
  • 2012 Start of OEM based manufacturing
  • 2011 Est. Lightbase Europe GmbH
    2011 Est. Lightbase America do Sul Ltda. in Brazil
  • 2010 Est. Lightbase Hongkong Ltd.
  • 2008 Start of the R&D process for industrial LED solutions

What we stand for

Starting at the first phone call, the first initial meeting, planning, execution up to the final stages of a project we take very clear responsibility for each and every project we work on.

Light affects us all. It determines our mood, affects our well-being and changes the course of nature. This is why we are determined to bring the top quality LED products to the world with expertise, passion and optimum efficiency.


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